Our materials

Our main materials of our manufactured dog accessories are natrual products. This is why every piece is individual and unique, since no piece of leather resembles an other to a hundred percent. All our products are caringly manufactured for you. Thus, small derivations are part of our handcrafted pieces and are part of out product quality.

To avoid sharp edges and to enable your dogs the highes wearing comfort, the leather is processed in a series of different steps.


The collars and leashes are all made with non-tearing leatheryarn and clenched with stainless rivets.

Our mission is to offer you the best in quality prodcuts and furthermore design them in the most beautiful way.


This is why we leave it up to you to choose from leather, metal fittings, but especially from our range of braids. We are always trying to offer you the most exclusive and valuable braids. To make that possible, we spend a lot of time sourcing these braids worldwide.

The leather for our products is purchased at a local leather retailer. We are working closely with them to always guarantee you the best quality.


Our four basic leather types are all plantal tanned german cow leathers. The patterned havana leather also is a german cow leather, but much stronger and dimensionally stable. The grey leather is a plantal tanned buffalo leather. All the oiled leathers are characterized by their high smooth wearing comfort and their lovely haptic.


The final refinement and their individual character is reached in the daily use of our leather products. The warmth of your doggy will help to make the collars even smoother.

To protect it from dirt and moisture you can use common waterproofing spray or instead use leather fats.

The relinings also are made of leather. Of course these leather skins are processed in Germany.

Many different leather colors make your desired collar even more valuable and give additional stability to the product.