About us

Hundezubehör Lillebror for dogs

The Lillebror Team – the team consists of my person, Louisa, and Lillebror my Australian Shepherd, lovingly called Lille. Lille is the origination of this whole idea who deserved an especially high premium accessory. On top of that, my passion to design and manufacture these kind of accessories was driving me to share the results with others. Over time my ambition grew and everything developed in today’s direction – this was the birth of Lillebror for dogs.


In a manner of speaking also our friends and family belong to our team. Without their help we would not be where we are today with Lillebror for dogs. Everyone contributed with their capabilities and ideas as much as they could. This is why I want to shout out a huge “Thank you” at this place.


That’s us!

The Lillebror Team.